The Taxis in London by Liberty Cars Company With Years of Experience

When hiring any kind of services, the more years in experience accrued in most cases always equate to a higher level of trust attached by the clients.


  • Liberty Minicabs in London is an airport transfers london company that has been providing an airport transfer services since 1998 here in the UK. We have well over 100,000 satisfied clients who rely on us for all their airport transfers, both when arriving into London and going back to the Airports.
  • Among the taxis you’ll find at Liberty Minicabs is a fleet ranging from standard Saloon (Sedan) cars to Estate (Station Wagons) and 7 Seaters. We also have larger vehicles for groups of up to 49 passengers if required. For more enquiries on the vehicle type you need, all you have to do is just email us at
  • All these cars are chauffeured by highly courteous drivers with many years of experience driving cabs around London. They are regularly vetted and we assure you that they have the best accreditations across London! This is why we are able to guarantee you a chauffeur with extensive knowledge of London and its surrounding.
  • From our vast years of experience serving clients, we have learnt that what most clients are looking for is convenience, and comfort. We thus have tailored our services to ensure that our drivers and chauffeurs always arrive on time, so as not to inconvenience you. Anytime you want to catch a late flight and want a driver who knows what it means to hurry up, trust our experienced drivers to do just that.
  • Depending on your convenience and preference, we can have our drivers meet you right at your doorstep or at the hotel you’re putting up in, even wait for you at any of the major airports in the UK when you’re arriving. We can customize our services to fit into your schedule or routine. It doesn’t matter whether you’re traveling alone, or with kids; our drivers are sufficiently trained to make you all feel welcome and comfortable. We provide baby seats for free if and when necessary.

In summary;Taxis-in-London


The next time you’re in London and looking for the most affordable and reliable car hire services, look no further; Liberty Minicabs has been serving London residents and visitors for over 40 years. We are your reliable and caring partner.


List Of Interior Design Styles

Designing the interior of any space is always a tricky task. You ask yourself questions like; which is the best style for the available space? What style makes your heart tick, and will feel comfortable if used? Truth is that there are numerous styles that you can rely on; whether you are designing a bungalow, a single room, or whatever space, you have a variety of styles to choose from.

Interior-DesignBelow are some of the most common styles that you can always count on, when it comes to interior designing;

  1. Modern style; the modern style of interior design has its origin in Germany. This style is founded on the principle of functionality; modern style focuses on function, and gives little attention to other peripheral considerations like style, elegance, and other decorative elements common in alternative styles. This style is ideal for people living in apartments or other small spaces, where there is need to make a room appear larger. Modern style helps maximize space with a corner wardrobe for your home.
  2. Contemporary style; while most people tend to confuse the two and view them on the same lenses, there is indeed a difference. Contemporary style of top interior designers embraces style, and trendy looks that are not common in a modern style. Contemporary style is often welcoming and comfortable, without appearing cluttered. This form of style is ideal for office spaces.
  3. Classic style; Classic style of interior design has borrowed heavily from the ancient roman and Greek empires. One main feature of this style entails the use of a focal point that is used to achieve visual balance. Think of a fireplace, with two similar armchairs on either side. The style also grants much attention to symmetry and balance.


As a home owner or interior designer, you have a variety of interior design styles to choose from. Each is determined by your budget, and individual tastes and preferences

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